Guinness Chocolate Cupcake/My Tree

Guinness Chocolate Cupcake/My Tree

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Jaffe and the long awaited Engagement!

My sister Mallory and Bryan got engaged!!

These are photos I took last June when I went home for their engagement party.

The Happy Couple…I love them!!!

This is Jaffe…she helped. =)

How Jaffe helped:

One day Bryan deiced to leave work early to surprise  Mallory and take her on a romantic weekend to Cleveland, for shopping and Wineries, but Mal had other plans for the weekend…getting a new puppy. She called Bryan a couple times that day wanting him to go to the pet store on his lunch break so that she could show him the Huskie puppy.  Bryan gave in and his boss let him leave a little sooner, knowing of his plans.  Now keep in mind they already have a dog, and they were in the middle of renovating their new home. So  the last thing they needed was a puppy.  But when Bryan got to the pet store and saw the dog, he like my sister, immediately fell in love with it.

So they bought the puppy and took her home, Mallory not knowing that it ruined Bryan’s plans for the proposal. But Bryan quickly thought of a new plan.  When they got home, he sent Mallory inside to get their other dog Annie out of her kennel, and meanwhile placed the ring on the new puppies collar.  Mallory returned with Annie and introduced her to her new playmate, not having any idea the ring was there.  It took her about 10 min to notice it, but Bryan thought it would be more of a surprise if he didn’t tell her.  Finally she noticed and he proposed. And of course she said YES!!

Now for the puppies name…how did they come up with a name like Jaffe?

She happens to be named after the designer of the engagement ring…A. Jaffe.  They are beautiful rings…check them out, and the link above takes you to Mallory’s ring…I love it!!!

Jaffe, Mal and the Ring

Finally exhausted!!

Haha there will be nothing left of Annie once Jaffe is thru with her.

So that’s the story, I hope you enjoyed the photos =).

Sarah and Larry’s Wedding

Here are a few photos I took during my friend Sarah’s wedding.  Being one of the  bridesmaids,  I didn’t have time to really snap any photos before the wedding, but I did  end up having some time to sneak in a few shots during the reception.